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Heel of the Italian boot, Apulia is a land yet to be discovered by the majority of visitors to Italy. The region offers an incredible variety of landscapes and a wealth of architectural sights: the trulli - the low-lying white washed houses with beehive-like conical grey roofs -, medieval castles, cathedrals, farms, and Baroque palaces.
Its coastline is noted for long sandy beaches, turquoise seas as well as the beauty of marine grottoes and caverns.
The main cities are Bari, the regional capital, Brindisi, a major port town, Foggia, Taranto, and Lecce dubbed ‘Florence of the South’. Several small towns and villages deserve a visit. In the center: Alberobello, an important UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its trulli and, Martina Franca with its beautiful “old town”.  On the coast: Ostuni, an architectural jewel, commonly referred to as "the White Town", the fortified island town of Gallipoli and, on the southern tip, Santa Maria di Leuca with its classic Liberty-style villas.
In Apulia well-being is a word written in capital letters. A healthy cuisine, a wide selection of sport activities, and Spas with top-level offer, make it one of the top destinations in Italy for the mind & body. 

Discover Italy - Puglia
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