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Free entry is allowed for personal effects: clothing (new and used), books, camping and household equipment, fishing tackle, 1 pair of skis, 2 tennis racquets, computer, CD player with 10 CD's, tape recorder, baby carriage, 2 still cameras with 10 rolls of film for each camera, 1 movie camera, binoculars, personal jewelry, portable radio set (subject to a small license fee), 400 cigarettes and a quantity of cigars or pipe tobacco not exceeding 500 grams (1.1 lb).
A maximum of two bottles of wine and one bottle of hard liquor per person may be brought in duty-free. The bottles must not be open. A maximum of 4.4 lbs. of coffee is allowed duty free.
Anything over this limit must be declared on arrival and the appropriate duty paid.
Overseas tourists arriving in Italy after visiting other countries are allowed to carry with them souvenirs purchased in other countries up to $500 and only a verbal declaration is required. Purchases may include up to a half liter of perfume. . On leaving the EU, non-EU citizens can reclaim I.V.A. (VAT) on expensive purchases (see Shopping).


The standard in Italy is 220V AC (50Hz). Appliances from North America require a transformer and an adapter. Plugs have two round pins, or three round pins for appliances that need to be grounded. Check to see if there is a 110/220V switch on your appliances, if not, you will need a converter. We recommend that you pack one together with your electrical appliance, so that you do not have to spend valuable time looking for adapters and transformers during your stay.


Italy time is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the U.S., 9 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time.


Italy's climate is blessed by warm, dry summers and mild winters. There are, however, marked regional variations according to how far one is from the sea or the mountains. Summers are hot and dry along the coastal areas, especially as you move south, and cool in the major mountain areas. Winters are mild in the center and south of the country, but in the north they can be at least as cold as anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. The nicest time to visit Italy in terms of weather is from Spring to late Fall.

Internet Access

There are many internet cafes in the main cities, where you can have access to the internet for a small fee. The number of public areas or cafes where wi-fi connection is available is constantly increasing in major cities and largest villages.


In Italy tipping is not practiced as in the United States. In restaurants the tip is included in the price, but it is expected at upscale venues. Taxi drivers expect tips from visitors, 10-15%.

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