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Driving is on the right side of the road and road signs conform to European norms. A valid U.S. drivers license is accepted for driving but the license must be accompanied by a translation or an international license (check your local AAA). The declaration is obtainable at any ACI offices. For motorists not in possession of an International Driving license, the ACI (Automobile Club d'Italia) will issue a declaration upon presentation of a U.S. license. When renting a car, certain age limits apply. Gas prices in Italy are among the highest in Europe. On the highways, gas stations are almost always open, but in cities and small towns they observe the same hours as merchants. On off-hours most stations have self-service.


Taxis are not the most economic way of making short trips in the major cities. All taxis are metered, but for longer journeys a price can usually be negotiated per trip. In Italy, taxis are not shared with other passengers. Although the taxis are metered, it is worth getting a rough idea of the price before setting out. Luggage is an additional charge to the fare. It is customary to add a tip (10-15%).


The train is one of the best ways to travel in Italy, especially between major cities (Milan/Rome/Florence/Venice). Trains are run by Trenitalia and are  reasonably priced. Prices correspond to the type of train you take and class. The Alta Velocità are the premiere Italian high speed trains with increased scheduling frequency that operate on routes connecting Italy's main cities and towns. Reservations are mandatory on most trains. An additional fee is charged for reservations.
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