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Called the "green heart of Italy", Umbria is a blend of natural assets and art-filled towns. Città della Pieve, on the edge of Umbria and Tuscany, is an attractive village rich with monuments from the Middle Ages thru the Renaissance. The hill-top town of Assisi is an undisputed must-see. Surprisingly unspoiled by the attention it gets, it is indelibly associated with Saint Francis. Its narrow streets offer lovely views at every corner and, the Basilica is a charismatic monument that becomes even more magical at sunset. To Americans, the most well-known city is Spoleto, one of Umbria’s most enchanting treasures. Every summer, at the beginning of July, the town hosts the ‘Festival of Two Worlds’, an event that unites the operatic stars of America and Italy.
Umbria loves celebrating and will find any excuse, from music to chocolate. In the fall, the delightful old town of Gubbio is the center of truffle mania, Orvieto celebrates its white wines, and Perugia becomes a huge open-air pastry shop.
Even though the region is landlocked, you will still find beaches to enjoy at the region’s beautiful lakes. The biggest, Trasimeno, is a water sports paradise during summer, with tranquil areas reserved for fishing and picnicking. Beyond its extraordinary natural beauties, Umbria offers a centuries old culinary tradition. The porchetta, salami and extra-virgin olive oil are only some of the specialties Umbrians are so proud of.

Discover Italy - Umbria
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