Food & Wine - Lombardy and Milan

Food & Wine

Lombardy and Milan

Chocolate & wine tasting
In a chocolate house located near the Brera quarter, you will sample liquor wines or flavoured wines accompanied by a selection of chocolates: white, dark, extra-bitter and milk chocolate.

Wine Tasting in Oltrepo’ Pavese
Visit a wine cellar located in the area of Oltrepo’ Pavese (near Milan). Walk through the vineyards with the wine producer and taste Bonarda, Pinot nero, Merlot, Barbera, and Uva Rara. The vineyard, run by a young and enthusiast couple, extends over a gently sloping area of about 11 hectares. After the tour, enjoy a gourmet lunch with specialties of the Oltrepo area.

Wine Tasting in Franciacorta
Franciacorta was first cultivated by the Benedictine monks during the Middle Ages. Here, vineyards have been growning for centuries, and nowadays Franciacorta sparkling wines are among the most excellent Italian ones.
Visit a local winery famous for its technologically advanced production and, guided wine tasting.

Cooking class
Learn how to make risotto or home-made pasta in a fun atmosphere. Classes are held Monday through Saturday in one of the best Italian cooking schools, located in the heart of Milan.

Food & Wine - Lombardy and Milan
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