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Culinary  walk in Palermo
Stroll Palemo city center while tasting delights such as panelle (fritters made with chickpea flour), arancine (rice balls), pani ca' meusa (sandwich with steer spleen) or boiled octopus and indulging with cannoli. One of Italy's top food destinations, Palermo has a gastronomic culture with many influences: Roman, Greek, French and, Arab. Your guide, an expert in culinary traditions, will walk you through the ancient markets of Vucciria and Ballaro’ where you can meet the Market's lively characters, taste samples of the freshest selection of produce, and see fish fly. Through this experience, you will come away with an understanding of the rich Sicilian culinary tradition and will navigate Palermo's cafes and food shops like a native. Lunch at Antica Focacceria San Francesco, Palermo’s oldest restaurant.

Cooking on the hills (from Palermo)
Spend half-day in a quiet estate located in the heart of Sicily for a private hands-on cooking class with the book author, Giovanna Tornabene. She will demonstrate how to prepare her marvelous recipes. Her cooking style is the combination of different elements: the knowledge of the Sicilian cooking's traditions, the care for natural local produce, and  an interest in tastes and trends. Giovanna’s cooking takes its inspiration from regional traditions, but at the same time is personal. End the class with lunch at Giovanna’s restaurant.

Cooking at La Cucina del Sole (from Taormina, Catania, Siracusa)
La Cucina del Sole is the cooking school of journalist and cookbook author Eleonora Consoli, a gracious, intelligent and generous woman, a true Ambassador of Sicilian cuisine and culture. Classes are held in her beautiful Sicilian home in Viagrande, a village on the slopes of Mt. Etna near Catania. Eleonora teaches traditional dishes to the beginner and the accomplished cook with the same incredible enthusiasm, making guests feel like family.  Her cooking philosophy is all about fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, with particular attention to vegetable, fish, and pasta recipes.
Each lesson, which lasts approximately 3 hours, includes anecdotes, historic tales, and finishes with the prepared dishes being enjoyed at the home’s meal table. 

Cheese Tasting (Ragusa)
Visit an artisan cheese production in Ragusa, the most important center in Sicily for cheese production. Learn about traditional Pecorino Ragusano, Sicilian cheeses and their social, historical, and cultural context.
Wine Tasting
Take the chance to visit some of Sicily's best wine producers independently or accompanied by an English speaking guide or wine expert. Italy in Style has selected for you:

  • Cantina Planeta – Sambuca di Sicilia (Agrigento)
  • Antica  Tenuta del Nanfro – Caltagirone (Catania)
  • Cantine Florio – Marsala (Trapani)
  • Cantine Fazio – Erice (Trapani)
  • Feudo Principi di Butera – Caltanissetta
  • Cantine Benanti – Viagrande (Catania)

Wine & Almond pastries (from Palermo or Trapani)
Spend half-day in Erice for a guided tour of the medieval hill town celebrated in ancient times as the birthplace of Venus. Visit Maria Grammatico pastry shop, world-famous for its almond pastries. After lunch, proceed to Marsala. Visit one of the most historic Sicilian wineries with an expert guide and wine tasting.

Olive Oil Tasting
In Sicily olive oil production is a centuries old tradition. Here you can still find some family owned olive oil mills that from one generation to the next have continuously improved its quality. In order to enhance oil quality, olives are carefully hand-picked between the end of September and the end of October and cold-pressed just a few hours after being picked. During your Olive Oil Tasting you will learn how olive oil is extracted from olives, traditional versus modern techniques, the importance of factors such as harvest period, weather and heat during processing. With the help of your expert guide, you will also learn how to recognize some characteristics of olive oil.

Food & Wine - Sicily
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