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Cooking Classes and Courses
Italy in Style offers cooking classes and courses designed both for professionals and for those who are simply passionate about food. Courses for professionals are held by professional chefs, while other courses are conducted by local cooks.
Courses are held in English (sometimes a translator is present) and teach how to prepare a typical Umbrian menu. The menus consist of different courses and are accompanied exclusively by local wines. As part of the program, visits to local markets and shops selling Umbrian specialties can be arranged.

Saffron experience
Spend half-day with a saffron artisan who will introduce you to the production of saffron and  give you hints to distinguish real saffron from imitations. The world’s most expensive spice, is native of the Mediterranean, characterized by cool winters and warm dry summers. Saffron threads are the carefully picked and dried stamens of a lovely purple flower: the crocus. Saffron production together with wine and olive oil is one of the most important of central Italy.

A truffle affair
Spend an afternoon in the spectacular setting of Val Tiberina, north of Perugia. Join the truffle picker and his dog for a real truffle hunting. A rich buffet of home made local products and wines will accompany the truffle tasting. Learn how truffle products like truffle oil and truffle cream are made.

Olive Oil Tasting
In Umbria olive oil production is a centuries old tradition. Here you can find several family owned farms that from one generation to the next have continuously improved its quality. In order to enhance oil quality, olives are carefully hand-picked between October and November, carried to the mill in small containers and just a few hours after being picked, cold-pressed in a traditional granite stone mill. The fresh unfiltered oil is left at cool temperatures in stainless steel tanks, and is refined simply by being decanted from one tank to the next. The resulting quality is an extra virgin olive oil green in color with a vibrant aroma and fruity flavor.
During your Olive Oil  Tasting you will learn how olive oil is extracted from olives, traditional versus modern techniques, the importance of factors such as harvest period, weather and heat during processing. With the help of your expert guide, you will also learn how to recognize some caractheristics of olive oil.

Sagrantino di Montefalco Wine Tasting
The hills around Montefalco, in the heart of Umbria, have a wine-making tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages and  the Benedictine Monks. Sagrantino yields an excellent red wine as well as an aromatic wine made from dried grapes. During the Renaissance, the wines produced in the area were served at the tables of popes and governors. Later on they maintained their reputations but mainly on a local level. With the receipt of the D.O.C. (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) upgraded to D.O.C.G. (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) in 1993, these wines gained international recognition and are now exported to several countries.

Special Events:

Eurochocolate – Perugia

Eurochocolate is an event that attracts chocolate lovers from all over the world. For nine whole days the capital of Umbria is filled with the scents and taste of chocolate, produced in every possible size and shape.

Food & Wine - Umbria
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