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Food & Wine

Veneto and Venice

Cooking class
Learn about traditional Venetian cuisine. From the delicate freshness of seasonal vegetables to the sweet and sour dishes like the celebrated Sarde in saor, from the Baccalà alla Vicentina - Scandinavian cod baked in a   milk and anchovies sauce – to regional cookies like the Zaeti, with corn meal and raisins.
The class takes place in the well-equipped kitchen of a local Palazzo apartment. It starts with a general introduction of Venetian cuisine, the exotic origins of some ingredients, and teach you about the cooking process and the products being used.  A tasty lunch, will be served in the dining room of this authentic Venetian home. A memorable day in Venice, indeed never to be forgotten!

Bacari tour
In Venice wine is definitely more popular than water. An average of 50,000 glasses of wine are served every day in local wine bars. You will join a wine tasting conducted by a Certified Sommelier or wine expert who will inform you about the history and the main characteristics of Veneto Region wines. He will also suggest you the best wine stores in Venice where you can buy your favorites wines and ship them home!
Each tasting will take place in a typical "Bacaro" or wine bar. The tasting lasts 2 hours and does not include wine and Venetian appetizers (to be paid locally).
This proposal is designed for both beginners and connoisseurs.

Coffee, amore mio!
The link between coffee and Venice goes back to the 16th century. It is from Venice that coffee was introduced to Europe. Italians are experts in creating coffee blends of different origins. This is the only way to obtain the pleasant,  rich aroma and the velvet body of Espresso. During this tour, visit one of the oldest coffee shop in Italy and have a guided tasting of different kind of coffee (marocchino, mocaccino, cappuccino, espresso..). You can also create your own personal blend of coffee, guided by an expert.

In addition to Venice, Italy in Style offers customized activities and itineraries in the Veneto region including:

  • Palladio’s Vicenza and Bassano del Grappa
  • The Road of Prosecco
  • Valpolicella: land of great wines
Food & Wine - Veneto and Venice
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