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Castello Di Caprarica

The feudal Castle of "Caprarica del Capo" lays in a quiet area in the town of Tricase, fewest miles from the Adriatic coast. Amazing coastal towns are really close to it: Castro, Santa Cesarea Terme, Santa Maria di Leuca. The Salento known as the heel of Italy, is a sub region of Italy that extends over the southern part of Puglia, between the Ionian Sea to the west and the Adriatic Sea to the east. The Salento peninsula is featured by a various landscapes made of many characteristic elements: dry stone walls bordering stretches of olive trees, twisted trunks and large; huge, flats and short vineyards, whitest beach, small towns boasting impressive baroque style churches and palazzi.

The original structure of the Castle is dated back to 1524 AC. The castle faces on one of the main squares of the town. Once it was surrounded by a moat, the castle has a rectangular plan with four cylindrical towers at the corners. it is a typical fort of the sixteenth century. The Castle of Caprarica is a masterpiece still perfectly preserved, one of the most important examples of military architecture of the sixteenth century. The walls have a height of 6/7 meters, and a thickness varying between 1.40 and 2 meters.

Overview and dependences

The entrance is topped by a triple opening, once used in ancient times to pour boiling oil and ash on enemies to defend the entrance to the castle.

The Castle has harmonious proportions with a typical Renaissance architectural line, some severity, enriched only by a big torus decorative strip that runs up to the portal, without interruption.

This harmony and energy of the place makes Castle Caprarica a unique destination to experience the majesty of Salento, sublime land where art, culture and history are combined with a kind of rare strength and beauty.

The castle has two entrances, the front door of the main building and the gate with the door to the pedestrian entrance. From the gate you will enter in the garden that is a huge meadow with olive trees. The garden has a parking lot for cars. Thanks to its elegant halls, the huge gardens and several cosy intimate corners the Castle can be the perfect venue also for medium and large events.

Entering from the main entrance, on the right side we find the pool (size 14 m x 7 m) behind which there is a long patio with a kitchen ideal for outdoor dining. The dining area is equipped with a large table for 16 people and comfortable living outside.

On the sides of the roof there are two dependences: "Il Fienile" which is on the left side of the patio and "La Colombaia" who is on the right side.

Il Fienile consists of a large living area and is furnished in a stylish rustic style, elegant with sofas covered with cheerful fabrics and elegant. Then there is a large dining table behind which there is a cabinet with a kitchenette. At each side of the living there are accesses to 4 bedrooms, all with en suite baths. There are 3 double and 1 twin.

La Colombaia, the second annex is so named for its proximity to the actual castle dovecote. This annex has a large veranda in the prospectus which leads to the living room that has on the right a hallway with a bathroom and through which you reach two double bedrooms, one with en-suite bathroom.

On the other side of the living room there is the dining room connected to the kitchen and the service area where there is a small bedroom of service through a corridor that overlooks a courtyard.

The main house

From the garden and pool area through a driveway of chianche (local white stones) you get to the inner walls of the castle and through a door and a small corridor you'll have access to the atrium inside the castle. The small hallway leads to a double bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The Castle spreads on two levels. On the ground floor we have an additional entrance from the main square. a door and a large glass door give access to the inner court.

The inner courtyard of the castle is partially shaded by a large patio with a dining area and living outside. All the rooms of the Main House are all furnished in a more rich and sumptuous style with large reception rooms, high ceilings, really sought antiquities. The ground floor is featured by large living rooms with vaulted ceilings, all set along one row, side by side. On the bottom next to the impressive library there is the suggestive old chapel which still shows pieces of the walls dating back to the sixteenth century. After the two huge living rooms you come in the large dining room with a table that can accommodate 20 people seated. The halls and the whole area on the ground floor have openings in the inner courtyard.

Beside there is a hallway with a bathroom for guests and beside the big kitchen. From the hallway a staircase leads to the upper floor where is the sleeping area with two master suites and a large double bedroom, all with en-suite bathroom with showers.

Distances: the villa is Into the little town of Tricase, seaside with port for yachts 3 km - Lecce 50 km - Train station 1 km - Brindisi Airport 90 km.

Internal surface area: 1,710 m2

External surface area: 25,644 m2

Castle: 1,078 m2

Internal garden: 762 m2

Country home: 192 m2

Annex in garden: 440 m2

Internal courtyard: 400 m2

Property: 12,482 m2

Sleeps: 20   Bedrooms: 10   Bathrooms: 0
night stay: 0
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