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My last trip to Italy was beyond words. It's impossible to fully describe the amazing people we met, food we ate and places we visited. It was trip of a lifetime and I owe everything to Leonora and "Italy in Style." Leonora really took the time to know me and my family's wants and needs during our early planning stages. She personalized a trip for us, focusing on convenience, comfort and quality guides and drivers who were not only knowledge and fun, but insightful in ways that made us feel at home in a strange land. Everything was perfect from the transportation to the accommodations... and the food and shopping recommendations were priceless. This company truly helps you discover the hidden gems of Italy and allows you to fall in love with a country that they know and love so much. I can't wait to book my next trip. Thanks Leonora!

Larry Grimaldi - Los Angeles, CA

I keep waiting until I have time to write eloquently about my time in Sicily but life keeps getting in the way. So I will just take a minute and say that I am so impressed with all the tours and hotels we experienced.  I tell everyone that the trip was put together in such a fantastic and knowledgeable fashion.  I absolutely adored the tour guides.  they tours themselves were of places that I am so grateful to have experienced. Each hotel had it own style and charm even though they were very different. It was great to see variety in the accommodation   

Thank you for helping me experience my homeland for the first time!

C. Vilardo - Marion, IA

Our trip to Italy was truly the trip of a Lifetime. All 21 of us had a ball!  Leonora, you really made the trip memorable for all. First the villa was marvelous, beautiful inside and out with views that continued to take our breath away each morning and evening. All our excursions were wonderful: Siena, Florence, Orvieto (What a surprise!), Montepulciano and our hiking tour to the Etruscan ruins in Murlo, a tiny lovely town with an amazing museum, funded by the University of Pennsylvania, my alma mater! We especially liked the visit to Castellina in Chianti which included the cheese factory and a cooking class.  We enjoyed our own cooking for a sumptuous lunch with Chef Laura.  The children loved the side trip to San Donato to learn to make pizza. They turned out to be good little cooks. What a day! 
Did I mention the food! Our chefs were great! We enjoyed planning the meals with them and they were heavenly.  What a great experience! Thank you so much for making our trip of a lifetime.

Jeanne Fisher - Philadelphia, PA 





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