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A region between past and future, Piedmont is an amazing destination yet to be discovered by most American travelers. There are a thousand and more ways to visit this magnificent region.
We offer:

  • Cultural tours
  • Antique Markets Tours
  • Boat tours on the Lakes
  • Golf and Ski packages
  • Spa packages
  • Museum and Opera Tickets

Contact our Italy Experts to plan your Piedmont vacation. Piedmont has no secrets for us!

Here are some samples of tours in Turin and the Langhe area:

Walking tour - Turin
Discover the ancient capital of the Savoy family and primary center of the Italian auto industry. This city is endowed with a mysterious charm and excellent museums including the Egyptian Museum - the world’s second largest collection after Cairo - and the National Museum of Cinema. Magnificent architecture also graces the city: the Cathedral that safeguards the Holy Shroud, the austere buildings, and the 19th-century Mole Antonelliana – a massive structure of Antonelli who planned this unusual building. The city is like a treasure chest containing the secrets of the refined chocolate confectionery art skillfully created in local factories. A day filled with culture, shopping, tradition, and outstanding flavors all blend to make a memorable visit to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

Magic Turin
Your guide will take you through the “dark” side of the city. Turin has two souls: one linked to white magic, the other to black-magic. You will explore both of them during a magic tour starting from the darker and more sinister heart of the city, among angels and devils, scary stone monsters and sinister architecture.

Underground Turin by night
Beneath the bustling city lies another one, mysterious and unknown. Fifteen meter (147ft) below ground, the tunnels of the citadel are waiting for you to discover mysteries never solved.

The Egyptian Museum, Turin
Guided tour of the most popular attraction in Turin: the Egyptian Museum. More than 30,000 items narrate 5,000 years of history through art, religion and daily life in the time of the great pharaohs.

The Reggia of Venaria Reale, Turin
With your private guide, visit the the imposing Baroque Reggia with its vast gardens,  one of the most magnificent examples of architecture and art in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Italian Car Design, Turin
Visit Pininfarina Collection with its masterpieces of the Italian car design: from Cisitalia of 1947 to Modulo of 1970, from the concept of Ferrari Mythos to Maserati Birdcage 75th.

Langhe & Roero
Visit Langhe and Roero and immerse in its history, art, gourmet food and superb wines. A tour to the famous Barolo and truffle region, visiting exclusive wine cellars with wine tasting and a gourmet meal to taste the great Piedmont cuisine while sipping the finest Piedmont wines.

Float as gentle as a cloud above the magnificent Langhe landscape with its villages, castles, and famous vineyards.
You fly in the early morning. Inflating the balloon takes about 30 minutes. Launch when the winds are light. The flight lasts approximately 1 hour depending on wind and weather conditions.
After landing, toast champagne and enjoy a typical Piedmontese breakfast.
The launch site is located in Santa Vittoria d’Alba, in the heart of Langhe.
Although ballooning is all year round, the ballooning season in this area is usually late spring-early autumn.
Flights are subject to weather conditions.


Travel Experiences - Piedmont
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