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Legal weddings
Legal weddings can only be performed in town halls (Comune). Most Italian town halls are historical buildings and offer a lovely setting for a wedding . The Mayor, or a person authorized by the Mayor, performs the ceremony. We provide an interpreter, who will translate to English.

Religious Ceremony

Catholic ceremonies must take place at a Catholic Church. At least one person in the couple has to be Catholic. The Catholic documents and classes required are the same as in the U.S. You will need to obtain the Nihil Obstat from your local diocese, signed by your bishop, to be married in an Italian church.

Protestant churches are located only in major cities. Upon request, a pastor (American or English), can perform a wedding blessing at a private Villa or garden.

The Italian Jewish Community is mainly Orthodox. Synagogues, in most cases, marry only Orthodox couples that have fulfilled all the religious requirements. If you do wish to hold a Jewish ceremony in a villa or castle of your own choice, we recommend taking your own Rabbi to Italy.

Symbolic ceremony
Symbolic ceremonies - renewal of vows, blessing or anniversary - are often very similar to other kinds of weddings. The difference is that they are not legally binding and can take place anywhere: a villa, chapel or any other location . There are no restrictions and no paperwork is required.

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